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Kurt - Sales Representative - or Kurt started with The Soundwave in 1993 and has been a top performing salesman since. When you call or walk in the Soundwave, Kurt is usually the first person you'll see. Always optimistic, he will remember most customers names and greet you with a smile. Kurt's product knowledge is amazing and has lived through several evolutions of the home audio and video market. He is a real audiophile and understands the differences between comparable products. If you have a question, Kurt knows the answer.

Patrick - Sale Representative & Installation Technician - Patrick, often called by Pat, is the longest term employee of The Soundwave. He started with Chuck (the founder of The Soundwave) in 1989 and has been a valuable asset throughout the years. Pat has great technical knowledge and has a bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering Technology from Texas Tech University. Before working at The Soundwave, Patrick was employed by White Audio Labs and spent his days building high quality amplifiers. Now at The Soundwave, Pat will work on the sales floor or he might be installing your new home audio/video system. Pat has also recently undertaken the task of internet sales for our used and consignment items on

Ben - President - Ben has worked in professional home audio/video since the year 2000. Ben started his own custom installation business in 2005 called Benford Audio/Video. Benford Audio/Video quickly built a reputation as one of West Texas' top custom installers and was installing many systems for The Soundwave. Chuck decided he was going to retire soon so he offered to sell The Soundwave to Ben. Ben began working out the business plan and just a few months later they shook hands and now Ben is the President of Benford Inc. doing business as The Soundwave. Ben still spends most of his time installing the great products that The Soundwave sells along with managing the business and working the sales floor from time to time. Ben has attended Audio Engineering school at South Plains College and is regularly attending training certifications for several of the integration products that The Soundwave sells, installs, and services.
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