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Things Important to Us

Customer Care

Professionalism. Courtesy. Respect. These are the key words we think of; they are also what you can expect of The Soundwave. Many companies state, "We take care of our customers." That couldn't be more true of us, and you'll see evidence of it in everything we do.

Custom Fit

We LOVE home sound, video and automation technology, and you can be assured that we can offer you a solution that fits your needs, your budget and provides the best-of-breed experience.

Stay Leading Edge

Technology changes constantly, and staying abreast of the latest advances is not only fun, but it's our job. We help our customers make informed decisions, whether it's a "tried-and-true" classic brand, or the latest remakrable innovation on the market, we know about it.


Our History

The Soundwave began life in 1989. It was an evolutionary time in audio and video technology. From our own love of superb sound systems (and obviously, a great love of music and movies), we began to share our knowledge with other audiophiles and videophiles. As our business grew, so did our knowledge and the sophistication of our experience.

From our earliest years to even ten years ago, the advances in technology at our disposal were simply unimaginable. Today, the technology is even more amazing, and we are proud to operate in several key West Texas communities, providing top-flight sound, video and home automation equipment and installation. We look forward to the next ten years and can't wait to help our customers explore the wonders ahead.

Who We Are